We are Yardsie

Our goal is to help you spend more quality time outdoors.
Great design is how we get you there!

Design Meets Technology

We sit at the intersection of design, art and technology, combining advanced 3D graphics with creative talent. Our mission is to design beautiful, functional outdoor spaces for families to enjoy together - in nature. Using the latest technology, we make the outdoor renovation process easy and we support you all the way through to installation.

Our Story

Yardsie isn’t your typical landscaping company—and we’re pretty proud of that!

Hi, we’re Kim & Kris, the founders of Yardsie. One of us has worked in landscape design and construction for over 15 years and has beautified hundreds of landscapes across the GTA, and the other has more than a decade of tech consulting experience with environmental research institutes.

You might say that Yardsie has been a dream in the making for a while now. And believe it or not, the pandemic lockdowns gave us the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

Unable to work through the step-by-step design process with clients in person, we created a streamlined online process that achieves incredible results. It’s the same personalized experience and high-quality design, but it happens more efficiently and at a far lower cost to the client.

How do we do it? It all starts with a proprietary quiz that helps us uncover our clients’ design needs and style preferences. Our clients are loving this new approach, and we find it gets us very close to delivering exactly what they were envisioning.

So we’re online. What else makes Yardsie unique? We’re glad you asked!

Maximum affordability. Yardsie’s services are more affordable than traditional landscape design services—and we offer different packages to match your needs.

Details, details, details. With almost two decades of construction experience, we know what’s realistic (and what isn’t!). Our designs consider the details—things like grading, water drainage, and permits—that can get in the way of being able to successfully build your dream landscape. We create designs that make sense and land on budget every time.

Streamlined process. Unlike most landscape designers, our process is quick, easy, and socially distanced. We gather an understanding of your needs, wants, and style, and then get right to work to make it a reality for you. 

Impeccable design renderings. We provide our clients with photorealistic renderings from every angle, which means you get to experience your new yard before construction even begins!

Ongoing support. We provide all the tools you need to actually build your designs. From unbiased cost estimates and itemized material lists to discounted pricing and vetted contractor referrals, we’re with you every step of the way.

Our goal is to help you enjoy your home more during these trying times. We’d love to know what that looks like for you!